Music Director, Gary St. Germain

Ground Control Gary.

Gary St. Germain, music composer, Eastside HeartbeatsBorn at an early age in Tokyo, Keyboardist / arranger Gary St.Germain wanted to be Ringo Starr when he grew up.That didn’t come to pass (being Ringo or growing up), so he became an elementary music teacher. After attending CSU Fullerton and CSU San Bernardino (BA, MA, Dr. Pepper, Magna Too Loud), Gary’s teaching style developed into a combination of Mr. Holland and Mr. Kotter.

Playing drums in garage bands through junior high and high school, the highlight of Gary’s career to that point was opening for Strawberry Alarm Clock at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino with his band Touch in 1970. There was a huge crowd of almost 50 people in attendance!

Outside of school, Gary has composed radio jingles and currently performs with the Taiko Center of Los Angeles playing Japanese taiko drums, touring Japan and performing throughout out the US. He can be heard performing on the soundtracks for the video games Jade Empire, StrangleHold and the movie Battleship. The hit single Her Diamonds by Rob Thomas also features his taiko playing. TCLA opened for Yoko Ono and the Yellow Magic Orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl in 2011. Gary was thrilled to be able to perform on the same stage that once featured The Beatles and Cannibal & the Headhunters.